PLANTSSpirit United has a unique history.

On January 22, 1999 at 1:00pm, a Seed Community, Spirit United, began with the leadership of Rev. Jan Skogstrom.  She and a small group of people looked for a supportive spiritual community not locked into dogma of organized religion.  They sought a curious, open-hearted, loving community who encouraged questioning, active exploration and individual adventuring.  They did not find what they wanted; so they began their own.  Soon they realized Spirit United was a seed community part of a movement to shift what spiritual growth and development looks like as well as what spiritual communities are to become.

This seed community grew roots as the group began meeting in Jan’s home.  The first gathering included an Ojibwe prayer and a World Peace prayer.  They honored all the loving spiritual belief systems of humanity.

These roots took ahold and the group grew as they filled a void in people’s lives.  Six months later, they moved from Jan’s home to the Dharma Zen Center. It is here where Spirit United had its first public gathering.   The seed shot a shoot out of the ground. The first newsletter was published; it shared astrological and Zen information in addition to the scheduled gatherings. The essence of the seed began to grow above the ground and was seen by others. roots

The essence of spirit United nourished many.   The nutrients of this community come from diverse beliefs and practices.  Sancta Sophia was a central source of information and support.  It was a seminary where folks learned about faith, religions,  Ancient Wisdom and Mystery Teachings of the Ages, personal spiritual transformation and much more.  It was a place where the Divine Feminine emerged, singing a powerful voice taking her place in partnership with the Divine Masculine in an overt way.   The Truths shown so brightly, leaves began to open with strong commitment.

The sprout grew and leafed-out.  Three months later the Charter Membership celebration where men and women committed to building and supporting Spirit United (then an Interfaith Church).  Kids With Spirit, the children’s programming, was launched.  A strong musical presence was supported as the first music director brought in major talents of Minnesota’s musicians. Buds formed as the energy of unifying principles from faith traditions whose paths demonstrate love, compassion and unity gathered. This group focused on supporting psycho-spiritual development of individuals to create personal and global transformation. The stream of skills and teachings are and continues to be from Esoteric and Mystical Christianity, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, and Eastern and Indigenous traditions. As this strengthened, Spirit United continues to grow.

buds buddingIn 2001 Spirit United’s staff increased.  The Council of Stewards was launched.  And the community moved to a new site again, settling into the Robinsdale Community Center.  Spirit United Interfaith Church gained non-profit status, the first website was created, Kids With Spirit’s first curriculum was written.  This was the time when our now minister Rev. Ron Moor was invited to join the Spirit United staff.  During this time of our journey, many buds bloomed into amazing flowers.

In 2004, a Capital Campaign gathered enough resources to move again.  The community moved to Como Avenue in Minneapolis.   Here Spirit United strengthened our core as the energy of evolution flowed.  In 2005 Jan Skogstom retired allowing Rev. Carolyn Cahill to share her vision and beauty with us.  Carolyn brought nutrients to Spirit United giving rich opportunities for personal spiritual transformation and community growth and development.  In 2009 when Carolyn left to move into the next phase of her journey, Rev. Ron Moor became the minister.  Ron continues to nourish Spirit United amidst the energies of change and transformation for individuals, communities, countries, the world and beyond. Spirit United continued to align with the roots nourishing blossoms into blooming beauty.

cherry-blossoms-bloomingThe blossoms, flowers and leaves of Spirit United continue to beautify the world.  Today Spirit United embraces our part as seed community within a growing global community that anchors the vision of harmony, peace, and love.  Now located at 701 Lexington Parkway N in St. Paul, Minnesota, we continue to integrate time-honored traditions of the unifying principles from spiritual practices and faiths (the essence from which Spirit United is founded) in balance with the reality of living in today’s world.

Spirit United has a history of acceptance, supportive love, and adventurous exploration.   Spirit United is a group of individuals mindful of spiritual growth, planetary growth and Oneness with the Divine.  We support individual spiritual unfolding by providing opportunities to awaken to the heart and step into soul’s purpose.  We co-create our beautiful world filled with love, peace and harmony.  Spirit United, the community, transforms as each individual transforms.

color_explosion!Today, Spirit United is evolving once again.  We are answering the call to evolve into more.  We are birthing a Wellness Center.  We believe to co-create our more beautiful world, each one must start with the self.  To do the work and transmute, transform and embrace our soul, our truth, our role to act upon. When each person answers their call to be and do what Creator asks us to do,  we change the world.  And when we engage in a supportive and conscious spiritual community, we are more likely to stay on course.  As a community our work magnifies to expand the heart of the collective to transform and transmute the world, the planet, the Cosmos and beyond.

Join us Friday evenings for educational workshops.  Expand your and support your knowing and the knowing of others.  Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, a variety of classes, experiences and events are offered to support harmony and balanced living.  We provide events to promote wellness physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Sunday mornings come together in community.  We explore and practice, heal and remember, inspire and celebrate one another. Together we co-create our more beautiful world, the new story.

We are living the New Story where spiritual consciousness is happening. We are shifting the entire planet and cosmos.  We say YES to life!