Spirit United is actively transforming the old form of leadership into a new form – shared leadership.  We understand every person has talents, skills and gifts to  share to create, build and contribute for community to thrive . 

Spirit United honors our connectedness and personal transformation as dance partners within a community .  We understand that what happens to an individual affects all people – the animal people, star people, plant people, human people, the earth and beyond.  Therefore, as an individual human being evolves into their true self/their authentic self and steps into their personal power and gifts, everyone/everything benefits.  Communities grow stronger, people become real, hearts open and the story changes, the world changes.  Each being co-creates our more beautiful world by serving themselves while serving Spirit United.

People volunteer their energy and time to ensure Spirit United is a high quality spiritual center.  We have groups organizing and implementing systems for scheduling our speakers, special events, classes, collaborations and more.  Because of the countless hours of volunteer time and energy, Spirit United thrives.

In addition to our spiritual community we are birthing a wellness center to support each one in embracing their true self, to provide a safe, loving space to practice new skills and share new self-discoveries, and to have a place to co-create with The Divine, the Spirit United community and oneself.