Council of Stewards

The Role of the Council

The Council includes a chairperson, treasurer, secretary, the ministers (ex officio) and other members who facilitate interested areas of growth and development for Spirit United. Areas of growth include education, events, social connections, gatherings, children and families, financial matters, outreach and promotion.

We are called to value and honor the history and the future of Spirit United while implementing the present.

• We hold the energy for Spirit United and guide Spirit United forward in its evolution.
• We deeply listen to the divine guides of Spirit United and the people of the community.
• We uphold Spirit United’s vision, mission and guiding principles.
• We engage the community to actively participate with the direction and vitality of Spirit United.
• We monitor the day to day business, health and vitality of Spirit United.
• We oversee the operations of Spirit United.

Tell us about your experience.  We are eager to hear your ideas, questions, concerns and affirmations about the health and well-being of Spirit United.