I am Reverend Ron Moor.
I have been the minister at Spirit United since December 2009 and associate minister since 2001. I have been a dedicated student of The Mysteries for over 40 years.

As a leader of Spirit United, my role is to guide the overall spiritual trajectory of our community, to co-plan and present Sunday morning gatherings and other events that facilitate, deepen and strengthen our connection with The Great Mystery, the Ground of All Being.

My vision and hope for Spirit United is that we continue to grow as an ever-evolving and thriving spiritual center participating in world-wide evolutionary transformation. Spirit United will support and serve those who have honored the call to their personal pilgrimage. Spirit United engages in service to the greater community. Spirit United honors the truths in all the great spiritual teachings while exploring beyond any one creed or tradition into the emerging new spirituality.


I am the father and co-parent of two grown sons. I am a Vietnam veteran. I volunteer annually with Common Hope in Guatemala.  I served for over 20 years as a provider, group facilitator and board member for Pathways, a Health Crisis Resource Center.  I have a BA from Bowling Green State University of Ohio and an MBA from Indiana University. I received my Ordination of Ministry through Rosalyn Bruyere’s Healing Light Center Seminary in Los Angeles, California and served that community as associate minister for 3 years.  Some of my teachers with whom I have studied extensively and known personally are Joseph Campbell, Carl Rogers, Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Manly P. Hall, Julia Assante, Hymeyosts and Swan Storm and Roger Weir.

In 1989 I founded The Center for Wholeness that has now evolved into The Sheltering Oak. For over 30 years I have offered private healing sessions and taught classes in hands-on energy healing and spiritual growth. I believe the life lived is the only true test of the teachings received.