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2017 Theme:

Co-Creating the Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible


Sunday Morning Celebrations:
Sundays at 10:30am Central Time

We gather for personal spiritual growth.  And to be in community.  We gather together to experience our Oneness with creation and each other.  We support one another through the struggles and joys of life.  We explore together through discussion, experiential journeys, ceremony, story, meditation and prayer and breath.  The Ancient Wisdom Teachings from the past combine with the moments of today, creating possibilities for the future.  These Universal Spiritual Mysteries weave through all spiritual transformation.  We reach out to the broader community to collaborate with people and organizations engaged with transmuting what no longer works in our world.   Together we hold the light, plant the seed and take action to co-create a new way of being.  We realize that every moment is sacred, even in the imperfections of being on Earth.   As our mindfulness grows and our enlightenment deepens our ability to co-create with the Divine Creator, with God, magnifies.   We bring Love, Light, Beauty, Gratitude and Hope to our lives.  And when each of us magnify together, within community, the intensity changes the world  and transforms global consciousness.

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Spirit United sponsors a variety of events such as classes, workshops, celebrations, gatherings and ceremonies to further enhance your spiritual journey.  These experiences deepen understanding, enhance skills and abilities, unfold enlightenment, open hearts, motivate into action, transform individuals and the collective world/cosmos into what is becoming.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017
Mystery School Sunday: Co-Creating a More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

with Rev. Ron Moor
and sacred dance with Saleem Adam Wolter

Just how do we bring about the more beautiful world? Can we force it or argue it into being? Can we achieve success through the same old methods we have used in the past? We continue our exploration and discussion of the ideas in the book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. Visionary author Charles Eisenstein offers some insightful ideas that appear quite radical by the standards of the story most of us were socialized into believing, and living.
Read the chapters on Cynicism, Insanity, Force and Science if you are able. (The title above is a link to read the book online.  Scroll down to the bottom to they appropriate chapters.)  Come prepared to have your cage rattled. Spirit is calling us into new ways of being, and doing. With inspirational and provocative quotes, luminous images, discussion, sacred chant and sacred dance.

Ron is a minister with Spirit United as well as proprietor, healer and educator of The Sheltering Oak, a sanctuary of caring, of healing, and of deepening through private healing sessions, small group classes & events, and ministerial services.

Saleem is an astrologer, healer, musician, Universal Sufi and enthusiast of (Mankind Project) men’s work.  To learn more about Saleem go to his site.


Suzanne BeginSunday, April 2, 2017
Happily Ever After… NOW!
with Rev. Suzanne M. Begin
and guest gospel artist Robert Robinson

Enjoy a heart-filled experience with practical tips for embracing the joy of being in the NOW.

Suzanne is a public speaker, business woman, and healer known across the globe for her love of life and diversity. To learn more about Suzanne go to her site BeginNOW! LLC.

Robert Robinson is reason to believe that the greatest music reaches every name and crosses every boundary, from audiences in the Pontiac Silverdome to troops in South Korea.  Robert is “God’s canary.”  He possesses the ability to sing any song and yet remain true to his vision.  To learn more about Robert go to his site Robert Robinson Music.


Dennis Acrea photo by Lorraine Hecht.jpg 2Sunday, April 9, 2017
Dennis Acrea

Dennis Acrea, founder of Higher Self Astrology, has studied and practiced astrology for more than 35 years. He believes that astrological symbolism provides a reference to personal and planetary evolution as we refocus from personality to the transpersonal.  Grounded in the Ancient Wisdom teachings, Dennis loves Astrology which he presents with heartfelt enthusiasm and a dollop of fun.  He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health, a secondary school teaching certificate, and a Second Degree in The Radiance Technique. Dennis does personal chart readings and relationship readings with a focus on the evolutionary intent that is inherent in the moment of birth.

Ron Moor 2Sunday, April 16, 2017
with Rev. Ron Moor and musicians Meg Miura and MEG MIURA DAVID CHAPMAN 2016Dave Chapman

Ron is a minister with Spirit United as well as proprietor, healer and educator of The Sheltering Oak, a sanctuary of caring, of healing, and of deepening through private healing sessions, small group classes & events, and ministerial services.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
with Drake Powe

Drake Powe is the founder of Skellegense. He is a Minneapolis-based Yogameditation instructor, and life coach with a passion for health, both mind and body. He has been practicing for 36 years.

“Learn to be soft, subtle and you will find power to change the world.”
~ Drake Powe



Community Meeting & Pot Luck
t Spirit United

Sunday, March 26, 2017

After the Sunday Morning Gathering
11:45am Pot Luck Lunch
1:00pm-2:30pm Meeting

We will share the work done at the Sat, Feb. 18th Vision Retreat and more.  The group from our community determined what is important for Spirit United as we move forward.  The following areas were the focus:
  • Spiritual Facilitation – Management & Leadership
  • Programming and Form
  • Building Community
  • Generating Income