Events Calendar

Be the Light You Want to Be

2017 Theme: Co-Creating the Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible


Sunday Morning Celebrations:
Every Sunday at 10:30am Central Time

We gather on Sundays for personal spiritual growth.  And to be in community.  We gather together to experience our Oneness with creation and each other.  We support one another by talking about our struggles and our joys, by sharing common experiences, ceremonies, stories, and by in each moment we breathe and pray together.  We reach out to the broader community to seek knowledge, experiences and support to engage with the transformation of our world.  It is with great intention Spirit United connects and aligns with Creation, with God.   We bring Love, Light, Beauty, Gratitude and Hope to our lives and world as global consciousness transforms.

As scheduled

Spirit United sponsors a variety of events such as classes, workshops, celebrations, gatherings and ceremonies to further enhance your spiritual journey.  These experiences deepen understanding, enhance skills and abilities, unfold enlightenment, open hearts, motivate into action, transform individuals and the collective world/cosmos into what is becoming.

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