Spirit United is a supportive community.  Together we work to rewrite the new story. We focus on embodying our own truth to be more whole and to gain better skill as we co- create with the Divine. We engage with life to expand Truth, Beauty and Love. We are birthing the New Story of Oneness with all Creation.

We say YES to Life as we provide opportunities and experiences for individuals and groups to explore spiritual unfolding.  Spirit United has regular gatherings.  And we provide space for other like minded people and groups to share services and opportunities in support of spiritual growth.

Sunday mornings we gather to experience inspiration and fellowship.  Our minister, Rev. Ron Moor provides direction for Spirit United direction and speaks two or three times each month.  Two times each month we have guests come and share.

2016’s theme is….

On Monday late afternoon/early evening a gentle Yoga practice group gathers.  Anyone can join at anytime.

On Wednesday mornings the Tao Meditation group meets. Everyone is welcome to come as you are able.

Spirit United has a variety of special events, classes, ceremonies and celebrations throughout every month.  Keeping abreast of these is an ongoing delight.  During the last year we have had Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies and Celebrations in collaboration with Sol Fire Shaman, Jorge V….and the Sol Fire Team, William Meader, ……, Prayer and Ceremony with Tibetan Monks from …., Astrological Teachings scheduled during powerful astrological moments for our planet, Drum Making Classes, Book Discussion Groups, Special Films