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Sunday Services

We have many kinds of services on Sundays:
Drake Powe 4.23.2017-3ab

Reframing Life: My Journey from Fear to Calm

with guest speaker Drake Powe Drake delightfully brought us into our space in-between … where our center of calm resides. In the safety of our spiritual community, we spoke of our fears and of our authentic selves.  Drake gave us […]


Ron Moor 4.16.2017 Easter-2ab

The Luminous Light

with Rev. Ron Moor, Tom Vetter’s newly created labyrinth and musicians Meg Miura and Dave Chapman The children led the way in a procession of flowers to honor The Luminous Light of the morning, of the Sun, of Sophia, of […]


Dennis Acrea photo by Lorraine Hecht.jpg 2

What Is the Evolutionary Intent for the U.S.A. in These Turbulent Times?

with community member guest speaker Dennis Acrea Dennis masterfully shared with us a reading of USA’s astrological birth chart.  He expanded our understanding of what is happening now, what our country is struggling to know, what the leadership is wrestling […]


Tom Vetter 4-2-17a

Special Event: Setting the Intention upon the New Labyrinth

Tom Vetter ~ Labyrinth Master designed and created a unique labyrinth for our Spirit United. We have been nearly a year without a labyrinth to walk. On a Saturday a couple of weeks ago, a group got together to help […]

Suzanne Begin 4-2-17a

Happily Ever After NOW!

with Rev. Suzanne Begin and guest gospel artist Robert Robinson Suzanne brought to us her story and wisdom.  She spoke about each of us being a living human document expressing a story. It has past, future and present moments.  She […]