Spirit United

Companions Along the Way

Posted on June 5, 2016 in , , , , , , , | MP3 - 160605_001

with Rev. Ron Moor and musicians Meg Miura and Dave Chapman

Our first gathering in our new space was a celebration!  We lit candles in our heart centerpiece to bring our light to this space.  We honored the people who built and gathered in this sacred space before us, the children who are here during the week and those who live in this neighborhood.  As a community we placed our energy here with the intention to serve and receive as we are meant to do.  It was a beautiful beginning to this chapter of Spirit United’s story.

The podcast has some hissing and did not record the entire celebration.  We are learning how to set-up and take-down our sound system every week.  This is week one.  We will learn.