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Our Imagination: A Wonderful Friend and A Terrible Master

Posted on August 20, 2017 in , , , , ,

with Drake Powe

Imagination is a wonderful, miracle machine and it is not helpful sometimes.  If we don’t pay attention, it creates what we don’t want because of what our focus is.  We have to channel it.

Drake spoke in depth about co-creting through the focus of our imagination.  He gave to us and we practiced several techniques for channeling the flow of our imagination.  One is to sit in at least 2 minutes of silence at least three times each day.  A second is to reflect upon the phrase “I am.”  And another is to memorize a mantra to say multiple time a day.  The mantra is a verse, quote, a group of wo5rds that reflect and resonate to the essence of who you are.

Drake shared a selected group of mantras from which you can start to find, adjust, create for yourself.      Drake Powe Mantra Options Handout