About Us

Spirit United is –

community of whole-hearted,  spiritually alive, mindful people co-creating our more beautiful world.

A place where we focus on personal, environmental, societal, global and cosmic evolution and awaken more fully into who we are as individuals, as partners, as community, as human, as an Earth being, and beyond.  It is where we can be fully present in community.

Together, we strengthen our connectedness to The One.

This connection integrates spirit and matter.  It is knowing all creation is sacred in every moment of every day.  Together at Spirit United we actively co-create sacred moments with ourselves, each other, the Universe and the Divine.

Our eclectic group chooses diversity – in our spiritual teachings, experiences and community.  We honor each person’s journey and freedom of belief.   We engage in adventure’s designed to inspire spiritual unfolding.  We embrace diverse sacred traditions.  We honor the great teachers of our past, present and future.  We celebrate the Earth and her cycles.  We honor the balance of our sacred masculine and feminine energies.  We focus on the Inner Quest.  We use practical spiritual principles and practices to transform our lives and the world.  We say YES to life!