Office Administrator, Joan Johnson

I have been a part of Spirit United since nearly the beginning. I take care of all the “business” details for our community. I help people schedule events, find resources, do the necessary paperwork, and care for our files. I coordinate the many needs for events, activities, services and our physical space.

I have worked in a variety of administrative positions. I worked at the Mikel Institute and Center before I began with Spirit United. I began with Spirit United soon after Rev. Jan Skogstrom founded the community. In the beginning she invited people into her home. We moved to Richfield and then to Minneapolis on Como Avenue.

I am also involved with Spirit United as a member of the Enhanced Prayer Group and the “Welcomer” Team.





Newsletter/Website Administrator and Editor, Kids With Spirit Educator and Coordinator, Shannon Dufresne

I am a builder of relationships. I am an early childhood specialist and parent educator. I am the mother of five beautiful Beings-Victor, SaraRose, LilyAnn, LaurelEileen and Andrew. For as long as I can remember I knew I was to leave beauty wherever I go. I am to promote love, mindfulness and heart connections. I feel honored to serve the families, children and people of Spirit United.

As teacher/coordinator of the children’s programming, I support each child’s unfolding with mindfulness and love. I embrace each family with my heart as we together live the New Story. I provide an environment designed to nurture and link everyday living with spiritual and healthy development.

As editor, I present who Spirit United is and what Spirit United offers with compassion and grace.