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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks: Stories and Songs

with guest speaker and musician Lynn O’Brien

Lynn shared with us a medley of songs to represent the life cycle of human beings.  This put forth in motion a conversation about how music impacts people – the spirit – when words cannot express and the ability to connect is difficult.  We sang, we listened and we expanded our connection to ourselves, each other and Creator.

The Journey of Me

with guest speaker Gary Boelhower
and guest musician Bruce Menier BellBruce Menier Bell

Gary brought each of us on a journey deep within ourselves. We went to our inner space. Focused on five areas of experience that shaped the clay of our life. Found the core of our being, the essence of our spirit, and named it. This amazing time of self-reflection was enhanced by the talents of Bruce Meiner Bell!

Expanding Consciousness through Awakened Movement and Connection through Community

with Jennelle Donnay and musician Sarah Dill

Sarah Dill 9.2016 B

Can you make a sound without moving?  Have you ever thought about how your body moves to get out of a chair?  How do couples dance with a leader and a follower with an amazing fluid connection? Jennelle spoke of Spirit being in our movements. And our movements are made in connection and relationship to others.  When we are conscious of our movement, an opportunity to go deeper, to experience our Oneness with All opens.

The Vale of Soul-Making

with Rev. Ron Moor and musicians Meg Miura and Dave Chapman

Ron talked about how the call for revolution/evolution is in our face these days. You cannot miss it. Over time and today the artists — songwriter poets and musicians give voice to what is happening universally. Poet John Keats spoke of his veil of soul-making philosophy. He said we are here to grow our soul. We have a mind, heart and the world. When the mind listens to the heart then we become a soul. The soul is field, an area of energy that helps develop particular types of things. This belief is being looked at once again by many people, including us.