Your Home Is Your Soul Space 

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with Lynn O’Brien

Lynn began by singing a song written by her Aunt Margaret, Going Home. It set the tone for our conversation about creating a sense of home.  She spoke of creating a sense of home in our house and in our sense of skin.  She said this sense of home is a crucial manifestation to gift ourselves. The Universal Law of Attraction strongly comes into play.

Lynn asked us to notice your environment, inside and out. List what you notice. Then ask yourself, “How do you feel in your home?” Now, what two words describe  your home? We engaged in an activity to help us reflect upon various characteristics, desirable and possibly undesirable, one might find in a home. We considered, “a sense of home comes when…where…(focusing on our five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling). Lynn asked, “What is the first sound a guest hears when entering your home?” We reflected on this.

Lynn encouraged us. “If you want to make a change in your life, often a change in your environment will help.  Look at your space, shift or change something to promote and reinforce what you envision.  What traits or behaviors do you desire?  What can you add or shift in your environment to promote the desired trait?”  She recommended  a book, SoulSpace: Transform Your Home, Transform Your Life — Creating a Home That Is Free of Clutter, Full of Beauty, and Inspired by You by Xorin Balbes and Marianne Williamson.


Counting It All As Joy

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with Dr. Denise Willams, Dr. DEW

Dr Dew started by reminding us wherever we stand is sacred ground.  After tuning into the sacredness, we merged and magnified our sacred ground to support our journey this day.

Dr DEW said, “I stand before you an island, here and now, to share with you what I know is true.  (I am here) to prepare for  and support your preparation for the special and challenging times ahead.  From my recent experiences I have learned to focus on the lesson, not the suffering.  Today, I will share six lessons I have learned.  I share them with you because we are all here (on Earth) at this time for a reason.  Mine is to share with you what I know. We are part of the story, the solution. (And it is time for us to) get ready to stand on our own two spiritual feet. We are in a new normal so we can no longer wait for change or peace on earth. It is peace within.”

Dr Dew continued,  “We have to be able to stand within our own peace even in the chaos.  Like the monks who have learned to meditate while walking, so must we.”  She said, “We must listen, act, stand into it (the chaos).  We must trust all that is has a purposeful.  Think about the challenges  which have awakened our Spiritual women in the MeToo movement.  We cannot afford to complain.  We must learn to ride the wave.  Riding the wave is like an initiation readying us, so we can get to the other side.  A question is ‘how might we get there?”

To get the 6 Lessons and a Spirit Work Activity click the following link.

Dr DEW’s Counting It All As Joy Notes 2-10-2108

We live in a Beautiful World: Finding the Point of Power

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with Drake Powe and sound master Rahjta Ren

Drake shared with us how to be in touch with our own point of power and rhythm.  This is our “nutritional moment” to be conscious of this rhythm and to be conscious with the rhythm of the collective. It is from here the flow of a-bun-dance comes.  When we are in our own rhythm and we dance with the rhythm of the positive vibrations of the collective, it brings love ~ love with life.

Drake reminded us to breathe; be in the silence of meditation; and to sigh with a big sigh.  In the afterglow – in the space just behind the sigh, this is your point of power.  How does it feel? What do you notice when you are there? It is from here, this place of peace, you can go to be in tune with your own rhythm.  We are being called to slow down. Notice our own rhythm, the rhythm of others and the rhythm of the collective.  The challenge is to stay in our essence of power, our own rhythm. To keep our own rhythm from changing because of the outer rhythms around us, the chaos of the times.

Drake said it is time to re-connect with our own rhythm.  Three ways to reconnect are going to bed at the same time every day, eating nutritious whole foods regularly, and walking outdoors everyday.  When one is in tune with their own rhythm, one is in tune with ETERNAL life.  This is especially important to do as we age. 

Drake exclaims now is the time to bring our learning into the world.  We must engage in grounding and calming practices; we must activate a manifestation practice; and, regularly inspire oneself (it comes in the form of service). He asked what is your sense of identification?  When you are in your unique rhythm and your personal power, you can feel the essence of you.  It is from this place the path of transformation happens.  It is here where you can develop your very own super power, whatever that may be, from which you can co-create our more beautiful world.

Stay Inspired! Keep Singing!

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with musician, writer, storyteller James Schattauer
James created an environment that filled our bodies, minds, hearts and souls with song. He emphasized the value of finding songs that sing to the soul – in times of struggle, survival and thriving.  Song gifts vitality and depth to living.  Song inspires.

Recognizing Our Common Humanity

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with Gary Boelhower

Gary spoke about appreciating the uniqueness of our differences rather than meeting them with fear and apprehension.  He asked, “how do we get beyond the fear/apprehension and to move into a place of gratitude?  He shared three common principles found within all cultures around the world. 1) Respect. See each person and each person sees you in beauty, genius, worthiness.  Each is a story in their own right.  Whose and which stories are you not listening? Open to those stories; look and listen deeply. What is your story?  Listen!  2) Appreciate the Wholeness of Being Human. It can be known as smart wisdom, the heart – the depth, compassion. It is the alignment of body, mind, emotion, and the spiritual mystery. How are you doing to sustain and nurture wholeness at your desired level of quality and consistency? Individuals have the choice to change inequality and create a new reality. Do the work to heal, align into wholeness, do what is yours to do!  3) We live in communion with all reality. Each person is part of the whole community of everything.  Everything is connected to everything. We are interconnected by water and the breath of Creator. How are you doing with each relationship in this reality? Notice your choices. See the big picture. See your impact. Adjust as necessary. Live as an interconnected body to Oneness. Live the new reality!