Spirit United

“Be a Light” in 2017!

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with guest speaker and musician Lynn O’Brien

Lynn began by shifting our thinking from what does the world need to how do I come alive and then act upon my aliveness.  In 2017 (and beyond) the world needs people who are alive and doing their deep inner self work.  When people do their deep work, it affects everyone on this planet.

She encouraged us to ask ourselves, “How can I give my love away?  How can I love myself?  How is giving love to myself giving to others?  Is it enough if I take really good care of my body this year?  Is that enough? Is it helping my community enough?  How do you find the balance of service to others and self?”  Lynn spoke about enough-ness, wholeness  and much more.

Lynn facilitated a ceremony of light and aliveness.  So bring a candle with matches and a slip of paper with a pen to a sacred space from which you can engage in an experience focusing on your inner you.   Listen to Lynn’s gift to each of us, the community and you.