Spirit United


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with Sandy Spieler from Heart of the Beast Theatrelynn-obrien_9-18-2016-2a
and musician Lynn O’Brien

Sandy shared her meaning of divining. She spoke about her love affair with water. She passionately told us of significant experiences and the wisdom she gained. She shared her creative process and evolution of amazing creations – art, puppets, stories, ceremony. She merged science with art, social and environmental advocacy, water protection, and more.

Sandy brought us on a journey. We opened our hearts and minds to deepen ou20161106_sandy-spieler-3-year-old-beauiful-girl-of-katr own relationship with water.  She ended with a meditation / water ceremony to honor water and its connection to all things.  We felt the oneness – we are water.

Get a bowl of water to have near you as you listen to this podcast. Join Sandy, Lynn and Spirit United into the Beauty – participate in the meditation ceremony. Join the love affair with water.