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Embrace the Shift: Daring Greatly

Posted on November 12, 2017 in , , , , , , , , , , , ,
with Dr. Denise Williams, Dr. DEW
Dr. DEW brought us on a journey to Dare Greatly! She challenged us and showed us how to accept the reality of our powerful selves.  
Through blessings, meditation, messages and interaction Dr. DEW created an experience for self reflection, “ah-ha” moments and rethinking how we think to stay in the shift of co-creating our more beautiful world.  She spoke of prosperity, acting on our truth, and cultivating the life we know is possible.
Dr. DEW gave us tools to dare greatly, take action by being awake/conscious within the chaos/pain of our life experiences on Earth now.  She demonstrated how to feel delight, gratitude and wonder in the midst of the fire.  “If you are here on Earth at this time, you are the crown jewel of your lineage. (You are best suited for this time of great transformation.) Your journey on Earth is not just for your own evolving. It is for every one (the entire planet) as well.  When you dare greatly to take action as you are meant to do, your work/service fulfills a need for some one (of all the kingdoms – plant, animal, star, people, etc.),  Then, the new story unfolds more whole.
She ended by asking, “How do you choose to use your life force energy?  How do you choose to use your minutes here on Earth?”