Spirit United

In the Heart of The Mystery

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with Rev. Ron Moor
and guest co-speaker
Maure Ann Metzger

Ron brought us to a place of gratitude, the first step of connecting with our heart. From our heart space we focused on our feelings.  Sitting in our hearts, we felt pre/post election emotions.  We noted that since the elections, it seems like fear and pain have intensified.  We asked, “how do we handle this?  How do we keep engaged in life?”

Ron talked about the role our heart plays and being mindful about our emotions.  Understanding this can help us see the world with new eyes.  Guest speaker Maure Ann shared practical ways to engage with feelings to increase hope.  She gave us a list she compiled, Resources & Action for Addressing Pre/Post Election Issues.  She spoke about the birth and intent of this resource.  She sees this resource as a framework from which one can create their own resource list for themselves. Supportive and helpful.

View Ron’s Heart of The Mystery PowerPoint.