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We live in a Beautiful World: Finding the Point of Power

Posted on February 4, 2018 in , , , , , , , , , , ,

with Drake Powe and sound master Rahjta Ren

Drake shared with us how to be in touch with our own point of power and rhythm.  This is our “nutritional moment” to be conscious of this rhythm and to be conscious with the rhythm of the collective. It is from here the flow of a-bun-dance comes.  When we are in our own rhythm and we dance with the rhythm of the positive vibrations of the collective, it brings love ~ love with life.

Drake reminded us to breathe; be in the silence of meditation; and to sigh with a big sigh.  In the afterglow – in the space just behind the sigh, this is your point of power.  How does it feel? What do you notice when you are there? It is from here, this place of peace, you can go to be in tune with your own rhythm.  We are being called to slow down. Notice our own rhythm, the rhythm of others and the rhythm of the collective.  The challenge is to stay in our essence of power, our own rhythm. To keep our own rhythm from changing because of the outer rhythms around us, the chaos of the times.

Drake said it is time to re-connect with our own rhythm.  Three ways to reconnect are going to bed at the same time every day, eating nutritious whole foods regularly, and walking outdoors everyday.  When one is in tune with their own rhythm, one is in tune with ETERNAL life.  This is especially important to do as we age. 

Drake exclaims now is the time to bring our learning into the world.  We must engage in grounding and calming practices; we must activate a manifestation practice; and, regularly inspire oneself (it comes in the form of service). He asked what is your sense of identification?  When you are in your unique rhythm and your personal power, you can feel the essence of you.  It is from this place the path of transformation happens.  It is here where you can develop your very own super power, whatever that may be, from which you can co-create our more beautiful world.