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Peace Building in the Neighborhood: Be Trauma Informed, Resilience Oriented and Restorative Focused for Community Healing, Reparations, and Reconciliation

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with guest facilitator Donna L. Minter, PhD
and musicians Meg Miura and Dave Chapman

We all experience wounds which cannot be seen because they are deeper and harder to heal. These wounds affect the psyche – the heart. This psychological trauma steals our peace. Dr. Minter shared an intervention called STAR – Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) information.

We examined different types of trauma and the victim and aggressor cycles. We looked at transforming heart wounds, suffering, into wisdom, new ways.  Can heart wounds be transformed for positive spiritual, emotional and community change?  If yes, then the resulting journey is spiritual work of the deepest source.  It leads us to the depths of ourselves, bringing us face to face with our own darkness.  From here we can transform.  This hope can begin to rebuild peace in our lives.  This is a key for transforming ourselves, Spirit United, our communities and the world.

Here is written information about Donna’s presentation, STAR information and upcoming events: