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Heart of the Kiva with Rev. Ron Moor on June 26, 2016    Holy of Holies for the Pueblo people of the Southwest is the Kiva.  It is where the Greater Earth Mysteries are taught and enacted. Our new space is half in the earth and can serve as our community’s Kiva.  We can celebrate the Creation Mysteries as they relate to our emerging spiritual culture.

Kate Gray and Arie KroegerFinding a Home in an Interfaith Community with guest speakers Kate Gray and Arie Kroeger on July 3, 2016    Kate and Arie shared their Peace Corp experience.  Our discussion brought us to ask, “What do I do in my daily life to support and nurture peace and love between all people, especially those of Islam and Muslim faiths?”


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Processing the Death of Philandro Castile, Issues of Racism, Policing and Protesting facilitated by Rev. Ron Moor on July 10, 2016  Our discussion had a theme intertwined within it.  Each one of us must look into the mirror and ask, “How do I contribute to the old story of division?  What actions do I do to live the new story of Oneness?  The story begins with me!

Dapper Dan-Michael BattistaThe Rising Kings of Light with guest speaker DanMichael Battista on July 17, 2016  DanMichael says the Rising Kings of Light are men who are claiming and reclaiming their power through compassion – not force, in service – not greed, in love – not hate, as they usher in a world that works in harmony for all beings.


Ron with candles foreground FEATUREService of Peace and Healing facilitated by Rev. Ron Moor  We moved energy heard and sang music, light candles of prayer and meditated about peace and love for ourselves and for others.  The new story of Oneness begins with our own self healing and vision for the future of our world.  Unbuntu is a South African concept meaning “I am because you are.”  “I am because of you; you are because of me.”