Spirit United

Self-Actualization in 2018

Posted on December 31, 2017 in , , , , ,

with Horse Coffman

What a powerful experience!  Everyone went on a personal journey within the support of our loving and caring Spirit United.  We were healers, releasers, seekers, and navigators traveling toward self-actualization.  Spirits united with love, compassion and strength.

Horse spoke of medicine wheels as a way of life. One can use your own wheel as a guide  for your travels of experiences. To hear and connect deeply to knowing listening is vital.  Listening to understand, to find direction and connection, sacred listening requires silence.

Listen to Creator. Listen to spirit. Listen to self (not ego). Listen to others, human beings, animal beings, plant beings, star beings.  Sacred listen requires stopping the chatter of our mouths, our thoughts and our judgments inside our heads. Seek understanding, true understanding of who we truly are and our Oneness to all that is.