Spirit United

Essence of Life

Posted on January 7, 2018 in , , , , , , , , , ,

with Rev. Suzanne Begin, Rev. Ron Moor and musicians Meg Miura and David Chapman

Ron began by speaking about The Soul as an element of the essence of living. He gave one definition as soul being the interface between the spiritual and material realm.  Together we explored what this means. He asked us to recall a moment when we felt a connection between these two worlds. Where is your soul awareness?  Let Your Essence Sing!

Suzanne spoke to our embodied oneness as our embodied soul ~ that which keeps us together.  She encouraged us to leave what we think we know aside to make room for a new understanding, a new connection.  See things differently. Let our embodied oneness, our souls speak for themselves.  Listen in a new way to hear the message, the unintended message, the deepest meaning of the message.  Let Essence say its truth in a see me~hear me~touch me~heal me safe heart space.  We are all meaning makers co-creating a new story, a new world.  Find the essence of living everyday. Our theme for 2018 at Spirit United is The Essence of Life.  Join us as we deepen our living.