Co-Creating Our More Beautiful World

We are Spirit United, a spiritual wellness center for healing, becoming, and embodying our true self – physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.  As seekers we understand within community our personal growth and transformation magnifies and strengthens ourselves, others, and all of humanity and more.  We are a welcoming, adventurous Spiritual Community of mindful, loving individuals.  We are dreamers and doers, practical visionaries.  We are full hearted participants birthing our more beautiful world.  We are compassionate co-creators with the Cosmos.  Because our living creates, we use conscious and mindful words and responsible actions to bring social and environmental balance and healing to our world.

Our gatherings are adventures for you to awaken more fully into who you are, to open your heart and to connect to the Oneness of All.  We say YES to Life!

Awaken your intuition
Open your heart
Spark your imagination
Ignite your creativity
Engage your intellect
Inspire your service
Dance with the cosmos!

 Come join us.  Say YES to Life!